Should Prostitution be Legalized?

A straight forward answer to this would be a vehement “No!”. Legalizing prostitution is akin to legalizing crime. Prostitution is an act of providing sexual services by one person to another for money. Usually the vulnerable lot of the society, namely the children and the women, are coerced into prostitution due to some circumstances such as poverty, peer pressure among teenagers, disturbed childhood etc. These are just a few reasons out of many. I shall bring out the reasons why prostitution should not be legalized assuming that it is the women who are engaging in sexual acts in return for payment. I am doing so because most of the time it is women who are subjected to prostitution.

The core reason behind prostitution thriving in societies is the psychology of some men towards women when it comes to sex. In the act of deriving sexual pleasure men would want to bring their fantasies to life, however inappropriate those maybe. It could be because of the sheer misogamy, excessive narcissism, or a desire to feel ‘all-powerful’ that they subject the female to sexual torture. The women in the lives of men like that may refuse to put up with such behaviours and hence these men go to prostitutes.

Under the act of prostitution a victim is subjected to physical and mental abuse every day on the pretext of payment. This daily act affects the victim psychologically. It also increases the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Many women are reported to have been affected by stress disorders after being involved in prostitution for a few months.

Would you let loose a psychopath into the society? Or for that matter, would you permit murders? Would you not criminalize the act of physically torturing and imprisoning someone? So, why legalize prostitution? In my opinion, prostitution is slaying a victim mentally; it is a mental torture which leads to irreparable damage in the form of mental disorders – not to mention the physical torture, which may go unreported just because prostitution is legalized.

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