Renaissance essay

The term renaissance man means a well rounded individual with many tallents.The era of the renaissance was an influential and significant part of history. Its time period is generally accepted to have occured from about 1350 to 1550. Its era intails the renewed focus on greco-roman art and culture and during the middle ages was rejected by the church as paganistic and therfore not worthy of man’s attention.

The major thought perspective during this time period was on two powerful upheavals, the rebirth of rich cultural development through the knowledge of art in the Greco-Roman world and the focus on preparing for life after death. As well humanism begins to appear with a stronger sense of scientific awareness. This is shown through inventions such as gun powder and the telescope.

Politics and the society, in general, advanced in this time. The government became more efficient by hiring people based on thier ability rather than birth. Centralized states were ruled by Strong Monarchs. In society the middle class broke away from feudal lords and the power of the church while the women attained more independence. The nobility still did not want to pay taxes and the argument was that they protected the lower classes.

Some of the discoveries during the renaissance had a monumental impact on the society itself. Inventions such as cartography and the astrolobe which was a moveable typing press had propelled the era in a scientific direction. Advancements in medicine and human/animal anatomy also began to occur along with a greater understanding of our solar system.

The culture that was alive at this time had been striving for ideal beauty. Artists had experimented on perspective, anatomy and mathematics. There was a strong cultural duty to restore Rome to its former glory and the art and architecture were evidently geared to be big. The strong Greco-Roman influence focused on the human body and the end of the renaissance saw the beggining of opera.

The renaissance was a product of thriving city life that had developed later in the middle ages. From the fifthteenth century onwards dramatic changes in agriculture, exploration and the economy were apparent. New land was discovered and trade began to develop along with the global economy as goods were shipped.

Women of the renaissance were symbols of their time. They were skilled and cultivated. Womens interest had evolved and they began to take on rolls in music, plays and collecting books which meant that they were becoming litterate. This is when woman became more politically involved and important figures such as isabella d’she and elizabeth tudor began to emerge.

Throughout time the renaissance was revealed by historians as a change in the way people live. Its term means rebirth and thats exactly what it was. A rebirth of every aspect of living including the well known art of the time. Its era was dedicated and well pronounced as they accomplished many of the things that make our lives what is today. Its well worthy of its recognition today.

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