Quality Verses Popularity essay

The Lexus, featured in ad in The New Yorker, is known for its quality and style. It rides smooth as if not moving at all. Who is to say that it is a work of art? The Lexus ad portrays the Lexus as a work of art. As you look at the ad the Museum is showing the quality of the car, showing that only fine art is held in this museum and the Lexus company wants you to believe this.

The Lexus Ad represents the Lexus as a form of art in which is strongly expressed throughout this ad provided to readers in the New Yorker Magazine. Many visions were made to compare the Museum to the Lexus car itself. The ad shows certain images to give you a clue that it is in a museum. It’s a dark long hall with pictures on each side of the walls in the ad.

Also along the walls of the hall there are picture and if you think about it this is also placed in a Museum. Lexus is known to ride smooth and the floor of the museum is smooth so this is one way of explaining the car without words. The color of this ad represents how classy the car is and the style of the car. The color is gray and white. Throughout, the Museum seems quiet and dark and if you look at it for a long time you would start to think that you were on the road in the car driving. The green lights represent the on going power of the car.

The man in the back is vision as wishing he had this car. This is where the saying comes in, which states “You’re either driving it. Or wish you were.” This statement can very much be true to someone that is staring into this picture for a very long time. The person will start to believe that they must have this car. Reasons why a person can start believing this is because the Lexus is a very expensive car and people believe that high-class people only drive this car. Lexus car symbolizes money, popularity, wealth, and class this catches a lot of people eye.

This Lexus is not always bought because of its’ quality but because of its’ popularity. The full-size Lexus draws strength from the high-tech Lexus 4.3-liter aluminum V8 engine linked to an electronically controlled five-speed automatic transmission. Lexus is rated as one of the most luxurious environments in the world of cars, yet it’s also a sophisticated space filled with high-tech equipment and power-activated gadgets designed to make the experience of driving and riding safe, comfortable and sometimes even sensuous. But on the other hand these cars have minor problems, but because it is a luxury car it cost an arm and a leg to get it fix. Why is this? And is this car still considered art? John Berger quotes that art is “Beauty, truth, genius, civilization, form, status, taste, etc” , which the Lexus Company wants you believe. Berger also discusses how art is not seen for it quality now but for it’s value.

Who is to say People look at the Lexus as art, but not because of its true meaning or ability, but because everyone wants this car.

In closing this ad describes every part of the Lexus car with very strong details. It explains the Lexus in many ways without words, which is very important. This ad also gives you knowledge on what the companies want you to think when you look at their ad. It is now seen that the companies’ job is to convince you to buy their product. An ad is not just an ad you must look deep into it and compare it with the car. It is for certain that when a person look at this ad they do not see how it is a lot like the Lexus car itself.

When looking at this ad many readers did not know that the smoothness of floor meant the smoothness of car. The Lexus company advertises the Lexus this way to get you to buy their car. Companies will try their best to get you to buy their product this should not be a reason why this car is being bought. But this is one reason why their cars sell so well.

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