Personality Traits

American Jet Industries is a company that deals with sales of airplanes and aircraft parts. Many people have assumed that the atmosphere within the company is that of a slow passed, peaceful, High technology working facility; however, this is a misconception that many people have when they are not introduced to the industry correctly.

The aircraft industry is a fast paced industry, where it requires, not only the sales persons’ full attention, but also the use of all its talents and abilities to get the sale and complete the transactions.

Competition is so high in the industry that, if the sales person waits a couple of hours to make a decision of whether to purchase material to supply the airline or not, the material could have been sold and taken out of the market by another competitor. Depending on the aircraft that needs the material, the material could be so scares, that if there is any surplus in the market, it could get sold/purchased before anyone else has the opportunity to contemplate the purchase. One example of this is that of today. Our company went to locate that a customer in Europe needed. When we accessed the system to try to locate the item, we found that only one company had that part in their inventory. When we went to allocate the material, the vendor advised us that the material had been sold and shipped to a competitor. Unfortunately, since our company waited two hours to begin its allocation, the competition located and purchased the material. The good thing about this is that the material sold was being offered at a higher price than that of the manufacturer, so we contacted the manufacturer and were able to allocate the only one they had for a cheaper price.

The culture of the company is also an interesting point to introduce. Within the company, there is a competitive, stressful, relaxing, understanding, and complex culture. As stated previously, the company strives to be a top competitive in the industry. This produces a competitive atmosphere that creates much stress and anger within the teams. On the other hand, in other departments, such as the accounting department and the quality control department of the company, seems to be a relaxing atmosphere. Their jobs do not have to deal with sales and reaching sales goals. Therefore, their only concern is to make sure that the money comes in from the customers and that the material is in good shape. If that is not happening, they hand the problem to the sales manager for control and resolution.

The last observation is that of the technology of the company. Many people have had an impression that a small computer and a fax machine is the only thing needed to be able to accomplish sales. While that theory is correct, other points need to be considered when thinking about this. Some points to consider are those of the airline needs and standards. 90% of the airlines require the company to have certain programs where it facilitates requests and orders for them. So, if the company did not have those programs that require state of the art technology, they would not be able to receive requests and orders. American Jet Industries has spent thousands of dollars to obtain the necessary equipment to be able to comply with the airlines’ needs and be able to compete at a high level with the best. One of those programs is that of Quantum Controls. That program is capable of researching the market and locating material needed. It is also capable of receiving messages via email and fax and also able to send emails and faxes without the need to purchase any additional software or hardware. Most airlines use this system to access their vendors and send requests to them and also to receive answers and send orders to their vendors.

In other words, American Jet Industries must be able to show the airlines that it is able to meet any of their requirements to get business from them. Whether it is meeting their quality control standards, their accounting needs or procurement needs, American Jet Industries is able to show its customers that it is a serious competitor and comply with their needs

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