Paintings by Hernandez

I went to the art museum in the Mitte Complex on campus to see an art exhibit by Patricia Hernandez. The works that Hernandez had on display were unique and could be interpreted in numerous ways. All the works that were displayed in the museum had something in common, from the position the people in the paintings were facing to the objects in which the people were observing. Though the paintings had similarities, they also differed in certain aspects. The ages of those portrayed in the works of art were varied and there wasn’t one stereotype in which she focused on. Though many individuals looking at the paintings may analyze every detail in the images, I realized that the paintings were merely mirror images of people going through their daily routine. The illustration resembled snapshots of individuals doing everyday tasks, like going to work, sitting in the park, or just going for a stroll and taking in everything around them. While the paintings of the people show them in their normal state, the images that they are observing are not quite typical of everyday sightseeing. For example, exhibit number seven, displays a business man in his mid thirties, rushing to take care of some important matters. The image that he would normally be glancing towards may have been an advertisement on a billboard or even something interesting to catch his eye. But the image Hernandez portrayed was nothing of the sort. Splashed behind the busy man was a banner of orange and pink paint to resemble something that caught his eye. Though the images of the people in the paintings were realistic and believable, the detailing images were ones of question and imagination. The art displayed in the exhibit was rare and unique as every piece of art is. I enjoyed the museum because I felt as though each piece of art was talking to me in its own way. The art displayed by Hernandez was interesting and trying to understand what she was trying to say, made it even more beautiful.

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