Museum of Contemporary Arts Essay

My trip to the Museum of Contemporary Art was pretty interesting, and much more enjoyable than I thought it would have been. Prior to leaving for the museum, I was expecting a rather dull experience, but going proved the contrary. I was one of the few people that decided not to take the bus because I like the freedom of driving myself. Well I arrived a little bit late, around 11:30 due to some traffic on the 10, but upon my arrival, seeing the beautiful landscape of Los Angeles, my mood picked up. (This was actually my first time being in this area of LA, and I was very surprised at how nice of an area it was.)

I found the art of the museum to be pretty much what I had expected, although the ambience of the museum was quite nice. The classmates that I went with were rather cynical of the art there, claiming the rather typical saying of “it takes no talent to do what they do”, but I took a different stance, I found a lot of the art there to be very good, and to me art is not about skill with a brush, but creating something that’s visually interesting, and beautiful to look at, and much of the art there, even though they were often times just splats of paint, was very beautiful to me.

The art in the museum connected with our reading of Berger’s Ways of Seeing. Some questions that could be brought up in class are: Did any specific the artwork provoke thought, or touch you in any way? How did reading Ways of Seeing affect the way you looked at art in the museum, as opposed to having not read it.

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