How to Write a Good Art Research Paper

Welcome to our discipline blog on how to write a good Art research paper.

First, if you need help topics you can try some of these ideas:
• Different art styles – Surrealism, Impressionism, or Cubism
• Different famous artists – DaVinci, Van Gogh, Warhol, or Munch
• Different historical movements/periods – Renaissance, Industrial, Enlightenment, or other period relationships to artistic movements
• Historical findings of art from earlier periods

Next, when you write an Art research paper pay particular attention to your course, you won’t want to write a historical research paper in a Fine Arts class studying methodology, or vice versus. When you do a good Art research paper you will find that you will need to be prepared through a complete knowledge of your current coursework. Start simple, with an outline and a structure that implements your format – APA, MLA, Turabian/Chicago style. Implement a thesis statement before you begin to gather more than just cursory information, that way your topic and your thesis statement will not have more information than you can use.

Finally, finish your Art research paper by checking all of your references and citations. These are very important because it gives back credit to the person who originally wrote it, or where the idea came from. Just like you wouldn’t want someone to steal your art, make sure you are not stealing someone’s writing. Finally, make sure you wrap your paper up with a short abstract and a conclusion that closes and defends your thesis statement.

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