How to Write a Good Art Dissertation

Writing a good Art dissertation requires a great Art topic statement, or a problem statement. You may decide to tackle the problem of online copyright issues, or challenge the reader to acknowledge a trend in art that seems to veer away from the current theme it is listed in. You could even write an Art dissertation defining the implications of artwork discovered recently – such as news reports of long lost paintings or paintings that were discovered to have other original works beneath them.

Your Art dissertation can take on many forms as you work, just remember to pick something that you feel confident about, or excited about. This will make the work easier to complete. Additionally, the subject you select should be something you can easily research or that can be examined using other forms of peer-reviewed information from journals and other academic sources. Your work will be dependent on your successful ability to demonstrate how your chosen topic is applicable to your field and furthers your area of study. Additionally, you may want to use resources from your degree program, such as textbooks or suggested readings. Unlike other types of dissertations, Art dissertations can revisit older information to build current applications. In this way, your dissertation will not be required to have all sources from the past few years where it is unavailable.

Finally, your Art dissertation should not vary from the format of other dissertations, even though you may be tempted to be creative in formatting, it is essential that your work be professional and conform to the requirements as dictated by your educational institution. Creativity is primarily for the content and topic of your Art dissertation, not the format and setup.

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