Explain in Essay Why You Would Or Would Not Recommend A Movie You Saw Recently

I recently watched a movie called Urban Legend: Bloody Mary (2005) and since it was a very good film, I would recommend it to anyone. I love the genre of horror and this was a classic horror film featuring an avenging ghost. Usually horror movies are gory with lots of blood and guts, spilled out for the innocent viewer to be terrified by gruesome scenes. I liked this film because in it blood and guts spilled only with a purpose and not just randomly to ramp up the special effects. It helped give the avenging spirit some depth of character and show its hunger for revenge. The spirit got his vengeance for sure! I not only liked the film for being a horror film made with class, I liked it for honoring the urban legend.

When I was a college student studying literature, one of my favorite subjects was mythology along with studying how the myth affected culture. I studied Native American mythology; I learned how their myths gave rise to their spiritual beliefs and expected cultural rules/norms. I studied urban legend mythology in American Cultural Studies and learned that these myths could be used both for entertainment and to learn good culturally-expected behaviors. I liked how the writer of the movie honored the myth of the blood Mary by sticking to the traditional story, but then altered it creatively to make it seen and appreciated in a completely new way. As a writer, I strive to honor the traditional forms of storytelling already laid down, and look for ways to spin these forms at the same time. I greatly admired how the film made the bloody Mary into a vengeful spirit and redeemed her character when the final wrong was righted. I enjoyed the movie as a whole because it was based on a classic urban legend, used gore moderately, and was scary. I highly recommend watching it sometime.

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