Essay on What Type of Music Do I Prefer

The type of music I prefer to listen to is affected by what I am doing. When I am having dinner with friends or in a group intent upon conversation, I prefer classical music and jazz or old-fashioned Christmas carols if the season is right. If I am driving or working in the garden, I love listening to hip-hop, bluegrass, and hard rock; while my dancing preference is for hard rock and big band.

The power of each type of music plays into the energy and concentration with which I am most comfortable in that particular activity. Classical music, compared to the more modern types, has a softer, cerebral flow while there is something about jazz that just seems to seep inside of me as tendrils of emotion are quietly making their presence known. There is just something about a tenor sax that makes me melt. Christmas carols are mood music and it is always up. From Good King Wenceslas to Silent Night, they have such a homey joy promising yummy things to eat and a peaceful warmth.

I have always been more interested in the instrumental portion of music than the vocals and I just adore the pumping energy from hard rock and hip-hop. Bluegrass has a way of combining both the peace of classical music with the energy of rock that just plain gets me moving. Then, if you want to really move, just listen to some big band music from the Andrews Sisters to the Dorsey Brothers to Glenn Miller. You won’t be able to keep that foot from tapping and it just leads right into swinging that arm and stepping out on a dance floor.

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