Essay on Napoleon

Napoleon was born to noble family on August 15, 1769, in Ajaccio, Corsica, and went to a French military school. He rose quickly through the ranks because he was intelligent and also the military needed strong leaders. Some people say Napoleon brought hardship to France; however, in my opinion I feel he brought glory to France.

I think one of the reasons why people say Napoleon brought hardship to France is because when Napoleon’s army was losing a war, he often retreated leaving his troops behind. People feel that this showed cowardice; however, he also won many battles and wars by using powerful military tactics. For example, he would keep his stronger soldiers back and when everyone else was pooped, he would send in the fresh soldiers t and win the battle. An example of this was in the third coalition, France verses Great Britain in 1803.

I probably would agree that he did not bring any glory to France when they were fighting in the Peninsular War. That war was between 1808-1814 against Spain, Portugal, and Great Britain. In that war the enemy used hit and run attacks. France was unprepared so they were defeated. In 1812 Napoleon and 600,000 of his army invaded Russia, but the Russian troops retreated suffering huge losses. I think one of the ways Napoleon gained Glory was in 1805, when Napoleon defeated Austria, and Russia at Ulm and Austerlitz. Napoleon gained more land; which included the Kingdom of Italy, and Napoleon became King. Napoleon wrote the Napoleonic Law Code.; This was very important to France. The Napoleonic Law Code was a unified system, where everyone was equal under the law. It granted freedom of religions, and allowed people to work in any occupation they wanted. This code put the State above the Individual, the Laws protecting woman and kids was dropped. Also, everyone had to pay fair taxes. I think another positive for the Glory of France was when Napoleon came up with Lycees. Lycees were public type schools, they encourage extreme nationalism, all the schools taught the same method; however, it was mostly for rich kids because tuition was very expensive. Napoleon gained more glory then hardship for France because although he often retreated he was about to lose a battle, his plans were always to expand France’s borders, influence and power. Every battle he was involved was for France’s glory.

In conclusion, if I had Napoleon as the leader of my country, I would agree on that he was a good person and went about bringing Glory to my county. I don’t think Napoleon brought that much hardship to France, although he brought some, he brought more glory than hardship. Some people say Napoleon brought hardship to France; however, in my opinion I feel he brought glory to France.

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