Art Reflection on Watercolor

Over the previous six weeks of the third marking period we have been working on a water color project. This project included various steps including many lessons on perspective, to create the final project. My individual piece brings a few of these techniques into the project. This project was also a bit different than the others we have done for several different reasons.

For the first two weeks spent on this project we learned point perspective. Point Perspective is more of a technical drawing where you connect all of your horizontal lines to a point. This way of drawing creates an image that becomes smaller at the appeared farthest points. Drawings can be designed in a one, two, or three point perspective, however in a three point perspective drawing the vertical lines connect to a point as well giving the allusion that the top of a tall building is smaller than the bottom.

In my final project I drew a house using two point perspective. This house has architecture similar to the architecture found in houses located in East Aurora. The angle at which my house is drawn from shows a porch that is half screened in. I choose to show the enclosure by cross-hatching the place where the screen would be located. I also used stippling to show darker areas in angles formed partly buy the roof. I used inked effects to show shading in these areas opposed to using only water color because it gave the project a grater effect and more verity in the techniques. The house o drew is also standing on a stone foundation giving it an older look, one you would find in East Aurora. The two trees standing near the house are painted in a fashion similar to a famous artist’s named Van Go, one of his more famous works is called Starry Night.

Personally I had a lot of fun creating this project. I learned that their many more ways to technical drawing opposed to freehand drawings than I thought there were. In addition to doing the perspective drawing I inked it in and then applied water color on top. I had never worked with water color before this and it taught me that a picture dose not have to be with in the lines t look good the lines were only there as guides. I thought it was creative the way the two major lessons were tied tighter. One other factor that also helped was the amount of practice time we had to work with, and learn how to use the water colors.

This project has been a great learning experience in many areas. One suggestion that would also help with other projects is to give students a picture reference sheet of well chosen references of surroundings for examples the sky, the ground, gardens, trees and other possible back ground pictures. Some of the techniques I used in this project I was able to apply from other projects and I will be able to apply skills I learned in this in projects to come.

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