Art Critical Essay

Art critical essays are essays that establish a baseline between one or two different aspects of a style, subject, or even artist. The critical aspects reflects that you have read through your materials for course and are able to compare and contrast them to demonstrate best practices, possibly best solutions, or even to take a general stance on a particular preference. Every critical essay must be backed up by details and facts – you may never simply say, “It is better…,” you should always explain what is different and “why” it is better. Some critical essays require a number of sources, and many students will be reluctant to use more than the textbook or required readings; however, there is a good reason for developing other research – this reason is that it enables you to see other perspectives, which may even change your mind regarding your stance on the subject.

Research does not have to be overly complicated for the art critical essay because you can simply look the library for art magazines and gather sources of expert advice or other studies reviewing the same things you are reviewing. Remember, as you seek out sources for use in your essay, you should refer back to your topic sentence. Your topic sentence is the single line that defines what you will write for your essay. An example of a single topic sentence could be “The use of technology to uncover hidden art beneath the surface of other works, may lead to the destruction of current works in order to preserve older pieces.” This may have supporters or it may have other groups that disagree. In addition, there may even be a number of studies reviewing the value of art – you must check your library to define the scope of the available research before you develop your topic. After you have defined the scope, selecting the appropriate research will be less of a challenge.

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