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Cubism Essay

Cubism is an early twentieth century school of painting and sculpture in which the subject matter is portrayed by geometrical forms without realistic detail. That makes it mystic and difficult to analyze and define their ambiguous meaning. During that period, Jacques Riviere is one of a few cubism critics who profoundly know and understand cubism. [...]

Watching the “Soaps” Has Become an American Pastime

Why Are These Television Shows So Popular? Television soaps have accumulated their popularity by extending our relationship with them. If the majority of people who watch soaps were asked to describe them with regards to reputation, on the whole most would respond with suggestions that soaps relate to their audiences. To some degree this is [...]

Essay on What Type of Music Do I Prefer

The type of music I prefer to listen to is affected by what I am doing. When I am having dinner with friends or in a group intent upon conversation, I prefer classical music and jazz or old-fashioned Christmas carols if the season is right. If I am driving or working in the garden, I [...]

Explain in Essay Why You Would Or Would Not Recommend A Movie You Saw Recently

I recently watched a movie called Urban Legend: Bloody Mary (2005) and since it was a very good film, I would recommend it to anyone. I love the genre of horror and this was a classic horror film featuring an avenging ghost. Usually horror movies are gory with lots of blood and guts, spilled out [...]

Should Prostitution be Legalized?

A straight forward answer to this would be a vehement “No!”. Legalizing prostitution is akin to legalizing crime. Prostitution is an act of providing sexual services by one person to another for money. Usually the vulnerable lot of the society, namely the children and the women, are coerced into prostitution due to some circumstances such [...]

Philosophy vs. Censorship Art Paper

Violence is a human act, acted out by humans since the dawn of humankind. Even before television was created, books published, or art drawn, humans portrayed violent acts. Would you agree the description of nudity is crude, as in Ulysses’ “Odyssey”? Is the sculpture of Michelangelo’s “David”, a nude yet biologically correct interpretation of a [...]